Industrial Wood Packaging is the best solution to protect valuable products during warehousing, transporting and delivery. Wood packaging is easy to adapt, natural, breathing, CO2 neutral and very stable packaging solution. Each heavy industry is working with wood as a packaging.

  • Wood Box.
    • Open and closed IPPC treated wood boxes
    • OSB boxes
    • Plywood boxes 
  • Transport Box.
    • Maritime transport IPPC treated wood boxes
    • Aircargo wood boxes
    • OSB boxes
    • Plywood boxes
  • Vegetable Box.
    • Potato boxes
    • Apple boxes
    • Haloween/Pumpkin boxes
    • Carrot boxes
  • Customized IPPC treated Wood Packaging.
    • Bigsize wood boxes and supports
    • Plywood and wood lids, covers and flooring
    • Wooden support systems

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