Pēterkoks - pallets, packaging and professional service in timber industry.

In 2007 we established a company to provide customers in Europe with wood packaging. Our values include professional wooden packaging and delivery business with a trustworthy reputation. A company that can offer you the best products and service solutions – such quality, that both our customers and we could get a real pleasure and satisfaction from the cooperation. FOTO 1.1.

During these years, we have earned loyalty from many international business customers in Germany, France, Switzerland, UK, Belgium, Scandinavia and the Netherlands. Our pallets are used in European and Latvian companies operating in the food, metal, chemical, plastic, glass, brick manufacturing and transportation industries. KARTE

In 2014 we launched INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING PRODUCTION in Olaine. From there our clients can be delivered with highly sophisticated and tailor-made wooden boxes, crates and supports to protect the valuable products from damage during transportation.

In 2018 we started a new activity OAK TIMBER TRADE. Thus we have fulfilled the demand from carpentry industry in the Baltics for regular source of good quality material.