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Delivery service

We undertake to supply the goods to the Customer’s nominated place. The most frequently used Terms of Delivery are INCOTERMS DDU.
In case of sea shipments Terms of Delivery usually are FOB, CIF or FOM (FOM (free on motor) is not the INCOTERMS term, however it is historically used in the trade with United Kingdom). For more detailed information about INCOTERMS please click

Time is money – we will help you save both

Our company is cooperating with more than 20 transport companies. Once you have placed the order, average delivery time is between 4-7 days. We act quickly, compile the order and provide full list of logistic services with flexible and well managed direct delivery to customer's address.

Cooperating with Peterkoks

1. You place an order

You place an order, specifying the quantity and any other additional information, for example, which industrial made is needed etc. One of the sales managers will become your contact person, who is specialized in your region.

2. We specify all the details

Sales manager will specify all the details, for example, how should look the pallets, is there a need for a special identification, for which industry suitable etc. After all details have been agreed, sales manager will calculate the price and specify delivery options.

3. You receive a test delivery

After the order has been placed, we will send out the first – test – delivery, so that you can rate our service, judge the accuracy and accountability in performance.

4. Our collaboration can begin

We can be proud of the fact that all of our test deliveries have met customers’ requirements, which is a key factor for future collaboration, in which we continue to demonstrate our professionalism and maintain a high level of service and quality.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding any of the products we offer on this website.